Integrated Coating Systems (ICS) was founded in 1994 in Wichita, Kansas. We are a coatings company that specializes in ATM kiosk restoration for the purpose of maintaining or changing the image of your financial institution.


Integrated Coating Systems began as an antique & classic automotive restoration company in the early 90’s. It was soon realized that market demand in the Midwest was relatively low for high quality restorations and operations were sidelined for a few years. It was not until later when after completing a restoration for a close banking friend that the owner of ICS was asked to refurbish an ATM for a new location that the window of opportunity was recognized. Soon afterwards the owner was receiving requests for more work simply through word of mouth at the local level. It was after this light bulb moment that the owner decided to pursue the business full time.

The owner of ICS, James Wilson, has been in the coatings trade industry since 1987. He began as a cleanup / detail technician at a friend’s body shop and quickly excelled within the technical world of painting and body repairs. While attempting to put himself through college at the same time, he found that his true calling was within the painting world and chose to pursue further education within that area. Over the years James has entered numerous technical training programs and holds many certifications within the coating industry. After a brief 3 ½  year stint with a global coatings company focusing on profitability of customers, he realized that his focus needed to be on taking care of his customers and providing the best possible services within the industry. James takes great pride in his work and believes that through cultivation of personal relationships with his clients they become, in essence, family.