[1.] How long will our kiosk be offline?

[A] A typical NCR 5890 unit can be completed in as little as one day. Other larger units such as the Heritage 348 usually take two days to finish depending upon damage to unit and color patterns chosen.

[2.] How much does it cost to refinish our kiosk?

[A] Each ATM is different as many financial institutions choose to utilize their specific corporate colors. Clearcoat choices, unit damage, addition of appliqués and unit location will all affect the price.

[3.] Do you offer quantity price breaks for multiple units?

[A] Yes! Price breaks restoring multiple units are offered. If you have more than 3 ATM’s a reduction is automatically put into place. Larger financial institutions with more than 20 units per region will qualify for deeper discount levels as well.

[4.] What kind of products do you use?

[A] We utilize only the finest industrial coatings available as our reputation depends upon it! Urethane primers, sealers, basecoats and clearcoats from Europe are always applied by a Certified Field Technician. In addition to traditional coatings we offer other specialized products such as low / mid gloss clearcoats as well as anti-graffiti clearcoats for high risk vandalism area units.

[5.] Do you offer a warranty on repairs?

[A] Yes, a 5 year limited warranty is offered on all repairs completed to your kiosks. This covers products utilized as well as the services performed.

[6.] How professional is your staff?

[A] We are a high level, very professional and quality oriented company. We take great pride in our work and treat your facility as if it was our own home. Setup and cleanup is quick with minimal disruption to your drive through traffic and our field personnel always exhibit a clean, professional appearance.

[7.] How many color choices do we have to choose from?

[A] There are over 21,000 solid, metallic and pearl colors to choose from our extensive color palette. Custom colors can be created if our clients desire this option.

[8.] Do you offer other services in addition to the ATM refinishing?

[A] Yes, we offer multiple other services including: Facility / Drive through painting, bollard repairs / refinishing and ATM advertising panel polishing to name just a few. If you have specific needs please contact us with what you require.

[9.] Our bank has many different types of units. Some are NCR, some are Diebold and some are Triton. Can you repair all of them?

[A] Yes, we are very capable of cosmetic repairs to all types of units. In fact, we can brand them all to match your corporate colors to make it easier for your customers to recognize your specific ATM.

[10.] We just purchased another bank and need to rebrand all locations quickly. How soon can you begin work?

[A] We understand the need to quickly rebrand an acquisition so your customers recognize your new facilities. At ICS we can rapidly begin refinishing your units as soon as approval is given.